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Yanks v. Orioles: Game 142-Open Thread

Randy Johnson 16-10, 4.76 ERA vs. Rodrigo Lopez 9-15 5.95 ERA

Starting Lineups:

  • J. Damon, CF
  • D. Jeter, SS
  • B. Abreu, RF
  • A. Rodriguez, 3B
  • J. Posada, C
  • R. Cano, 2B
  • B, Williams, DH
  • A. Guiel, 1B
  • M. Cabrera, LF
  • B. Roberts, 2B
  • M. Mora, 3B
  • N. Markakis, RF
  • M. Tejada, SS
  • R. Hernandez, C
  • K. Millar, DH
  • F. Tatis, LF
  • C. Gomez, 1B
  • D. Newhan, CF

I'm not going to make any predictions. I'll leave that to John and his crystal ball. Several Yanks, like Giambi and Rivera, are healing on the bench. This gives bench players like Guiel and Bernie much needed playing time going into these playoffs. Johnson goes for his 17th win which will tie him with last season's victory total. He's looked like the Randy of old; the intimidating presence on the mound Steinbrenner wanted three years ago.