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Jim Kaat Retires

This coming Friday, after announcing the Yankees Red Sox game, Jim Kaat will walk away from a 25-year career as a broadcaster, largely for the Yankees with a stint for the Twins thrown in.

I'll be a bit nostalgic, as Kaat has been there all through the Yankees' run of success that began with their wild card appearance in 1995. I also have always found him to be an incisive and interesting broadcaster, and quite frankly fear having to listen to Michael Kay announce more games (note to Yanks management: Give Flaherty, O'Neill, Singleton and Murcer additional time)

In any case, you can read about his career and how much he has been respected as an announcer in this piece by Bob Raissman in the NY Daily News:

Make no mistake, when Kaat leaves the booth Friday night, it will end a wonderful run for a plain-spoken, entertaining broadcaster - an old-school baseball storyteller who will not be easily replaced.

Good luck in wherever life takes you Mr. Kaat.