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Scary Thoughts

You know it will happen in the next few years: Sherman

THE BULLPEN door opened Wednesday night and so did a scary window into the Yankee future. Scott Proctor, not Mariano Rivera, emerged and a Yankees' lead disappeared.

It was yet another reminder that some time soon "Enter Sandman" only will be played on Old-Timer's Day at Yankee Stadium and someone else will have to replace the most irreplaceable Yankee of them all. It is Rivera, not Joe Torre or even Derek Jeter, whose cleats will be the toughest to fill. Only then will we fully comprehend that this elite run the Yanks have been on for a decade-plus has started at the end. "You can't replace him," GM Brian Cashman said. "You are not going to replace the all-time greatest at something. It is going to be about how much you can cushion the blow."

You can listen to the interview I did with Joel Sherman if you missed it before. He talks at length about Mariano. Joel Sherman Interview
There's also a full transcript too.