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Yanks vs. O's: Game 108 - Open Thread

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Jaret Wright 7-6, 4.57 vs Rodrigo Lopez, 8-11 6.20

  • J. Damon DH
  • D. Jeter SS
  • B. Abreu RF
  • A. Rodriguez 3B
  • J. Giambi 1B
  • B. Williams CF
  • M. Cabrera LF
  • S. Fasano C
  • N. Green 2B
  • B. Roberts 2B
  • M. Mora 3B
  • M. Tejada SS
  • J. Gibbons DH
  • J. Conine LF
  • C. Patterson cf
  • K. Millar 1B
  • N. Markakis RF
  • C. Widger C

The Yanks are looking to rebound in this rubber match. Baltimore is putting up another piece of meat on the mound. Yesterday's game was awful. Nothing went their way, nothing dropped in, they had very few opportunities on which to capitalize, and when they got them, they failed to take advantage. The Yanks have been good about winning big after a bad loss. I don't think today will be any different.