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Yanks sqeeze out a 5-4 win

Did you ever have the feeling that your team was going to lose as soon as they scored three early runs? Randy Johnson looked really shaky, his location was awful and his pitches had no zip (when do they now?) even though he was physically sound. Or so he says. As the Yanks started to strand as many men on base (13) against one of the worst pitchers in baseball, (Bruce Chen) I had that sinking feeling in the middle of my gut after they dominated the Blue Jays.

Listening to the Baltimore feed didn't help much. Jim Palmer brings the kind of enthusiasm to the broadcast booth as a guy sucking down a six pack of Heineken's and a fist full of Ambien. Craig Wilson looks like a stud and drove in the tying run in the seventh, but it was Jorge Posada, (who to my surprise is having his best season in a long time)  cracked the winning bomb against the Orioles closer in the top of the ninth to win it.

Randy was very candid after the game saying how bad he felt and didn't want to be the only pitcher not contributing to the team. He's the key if the Yankees do reach the playoffs and it looks like he'll never be consistent the rest of his career at this point. It will be a coin toss if he either struggles or gives the team seven strong innings teh rest of the way.