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News Roundup Is Back

News Roundup had a brief vacation, but is now back and better than ever. Today we have:

ESPN's recap of today's game talks about three important things:

1) A-Rod - He is cited in the title of the article as being an important part of the win. That is good news. Also, in the past, let's just say kindly he has sometimes made things worse by not always saying the right thing. But today, he said just the right mix of Bull-Durham-type boring slogans like "it's the team that matters" you always hear Jeter saying:

I swung the bat much better," he said. "It's a little of everything. When you swing well, it doesn't matter what they throw. The focus is not on what I do. The focus is on what the team does.

2) Leyland - The article discusses one of the most hysterical on-field arguments between an ump and manager I have ever seen. Leyland literally started screaming after the top-half of the seventh, only to stop when "God Bless America" started and take his hat off, and then go right back to screaming the moment it ended. He got the boot for that:

After he was ejected, Leyland came on the field, stopped arguing during the singing of "God Bless America," and then resumed the argument, with crew chief Larry Young separating him from Hoye.

3) Finally, and most importantly Rivera's health was discussed, and the sweet words we wanted to hear were provided:

Rivera had an MRI exam on his right forearm before the game. The scan showed a mild muscle strain in his right elbow but no structural damage.

Meanwhile, Michael Morrissey of The New York Post lets us in on the positive news that Hideki Matsui felt good after 35 pitches from a Yankee coach. According to Matsui, who has never been quite the "talker," like let's say, a Barry Bonds or Allen Iverson (and, therefore, I trust what he says):

If it would've happened today, I'm sure I could play in a game," he said before yesterday's doubleheader with Detroit.

Finally, Lisa Olson has a funny piece on who else, The Great Pavano, in the NY Daily News. She discusses how:

1) Cashman has not asked Pavano for the details of what happened, to "not taint any future legal proceedings, should they be necessary." Ouch. She also made a point about the crash and Pavano that we can all understand:

The facts probably won't expose much more than a driver's carelessness at the wheel. Except when Pavano's involved, there's always the chance the story goes much deeper. Will it be disclosed he had a trunk full of pygmies? That he was trying to escape from a caravan of pitchfork-wielding Yankee fans? That he was involved in a sinister plot to kidnap George Steinbrenner and hold him for ransom? (Some would say Pavano's already done that).

2) Then she discusses the fun conspiracy theories going around:

During the first game of yesterday's doubleheader against Detroit, the most insane rumblings were voiced by a couple of fans standing in line for hot dogs. Remember, said one guy, how Pavano was torn between signing with the Yankees and Boston two winters ago? How he was raised in the thick of Connecticut, amidst a family of Red Sox lovers?...That's it, said the other guy, Pavano's trying to sabotage the Yankees, and they walked away convinced he had long ago hatched this insidious plot.

3) And, to put the cherry on top, Olson thinks the Yanks may try to void Pavano's contract.

Oh and if you care, it looks like Wells may be headed back to the Left Coast. It appears the Sox' white flag has gone up.

I'll have more news writeups tomorrow on today's game and other interesting nuggets...