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Wang dominates Tigers in a 2-0 win

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Quick notes:

Wang was the man today showing off not only great pitching, but excellent defense. He's a very underrated fielder and snared several balls headed up the middle that other pitchers would not have stopped. He now has tied Roy Halladay as tops in the majors with his 16th win and lowered his era to 3.66.

Wang threw 109 pitches and got 13 ground ball outs while holding Detroit to only four hits, two in the eighth as he finally started to tire.

Craig Wilson smashed a home run in the fifth which proved to be the only run Wang needed as Mariano picked up his 32nd save.

The Yanks had Robertson on the ropes several times, but couldn't get that one big hit to blow open the game, but with Wang in total command it became a moot point.