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Lidle shuts up Russo

Great game by Lidle who proved his worth to the Yanks big time by going six strong innings in the blistering heat as the Yanks crushed Toronot 8-1 today. He made Cashman look like a star and Russo look like a jack ass. As you know Russo called Cashman a liar on the air when Brian said that Lidle was a deal breaker in the Abreu trade.
At the end of Chris' radio show, Bill Madden called in from the Daily News and he told Chris that with the 100 million dollars George shelled out in luxury taxes even the Red Sox could have picked up Abreu if they really wanted to. That irked him to no end, but since it was the close of Russo's show he couldn't argue the point and was really pissed off about it.

Here's the back story.