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They Call Me, Mr. Glass

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Just battling back from a cold. A COLD IN THE MIDDLE OF AUGUST! I guess I'm only human, unlike Carl Pavano who seems to be followed by disaster.

I don't mean to add to the Pavano overkill, but I've given up on him and any hope that he will ever pitch effectively or even pitch at all for the Yankees. My hope is, we can void his contract or dump him further down the minor league chain to get him to quit a la' Jason Giambi. Every conceivable injury known to man has been followed by this accident. Having lived in Central and South Florida for a large portion of my life, I know it rains daily during the summer. It also pours heavily when it does rain. Driving in the rain is a daily occurence for Floridians. Something tells me that it took a certain amount of recklessness to lose control of his high performance Porsche. No matter the circumstances, I am done with Pavano and hopefully so are the big bosses in the Front Offices.