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Bernie Bombs the Angels

Quick notes:

It wasn't pretty, but the Yanks will take it. Bernie Williams pounded the LA/Anaheim/Riverside/Simi Valley Angels by crushing two bombs, a double, a single and six rbi's as the Yanks held on for an 11-7 win. It was the first time he had six ribbies in a game since 2000. Watching the game on the LA feed, the Yankee fans were out in force cheering Bernie like crazy. The crack of the bat on his first home run shook my television set as Bernie new it was long gone.

The rookie Karstens, pitched a great six innings and if it wasn't for an error (the Angles didn't show the proper angle on A-Rod's throw to tell if it was really bad) that turned a sure double play into two runs, he might have pitched into the seventh.

Farnsworth is still a crap shoot. He comes in and immediately loads the bases with no outs. Look for Bruney to get more looks. Proctor wasn't much better.

Jeter also had a monster game with two home runs and another one of those deep in the hole, jumping throws to first that got Figgins. But--it was Bernie's game.

Rivera hadn't pitched in a while so his two innings of work was no big deal.