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Yanks vs Angels-Game 129-Open Thread

Jeff Karstens 0-0, 4.76 vs Joe Saunders 4-1, 3.06
Starting Lineups

J. Damon, CF
D. Jeter, SS
B. Abreu, RF
A. Rodriguez, 3B
J. Posada, C
R. Cano, DH
B. Williams, LF
C. Wilson, 1B
N. Green, 2B

Game notes:

Torre said that Pavano's injury doesn't seem bad and he's staying on his thorwing schedule for now. We'll see. Melky has some dental problems and Joe held him out of today's game. Giambi is available to play. He got very dehydrated during the game yesterday and needed two IV's and his parents couch to revive him. Torre also would have given A-Rod the day off if the Yanks were facing a right handed starter. And finally, the Yanks stink against rookie pitchers...