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Yanks Lose a tough one 6-5

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Quick notes:

The Yanks had plenty of chances early in the game to score more runs off a very shaky Lackey, but didn't deliver.

Wright was God awful, throwing 91 pitches in less than four innings. A-Rod should not have played. If he's still sick then keep him on the bench. Striking out four times was pathetic.

Proctor's second inning of work in the seventh was horrendous. He gives up the lead after the Yanks battled back as soon as he steps on the field.

Did Green miss a sign? I can't believe Torre would have sent him to steal second while he was trying to bunt Wilson in the top of the ninth. I'll try to see what Torre says in the post game.

The Angels played terrible defense, but Figgins caught a shot by Melky to end the ninth deep into right center when it counted.

Anderson hit a bad pitch by Myers to open up the ninth. He had him down 1-2 and I just watched the pitch again. He grooved it right down the middle for a double.

I was surprised to see Torre go with Dotel in that situation. Bottom of the ninth and a runner on second with no outs. Put Rivera in and keep the game tied. He was rested and could have easily went two innings, but I can understand the move. Dotel got screwed because after the Yanks loaded the bases with no outs to intentionally get a force at any base--he got Kennedy to pop up. He had a third strike on Napoli that the umpire didn't call on a 2-2 count. He was forced to groove one on a 3-2 pitch which Mike skyed to left to drive in the wining run.

A typical Yankee loss the the Angels. Update: Torre said he was going for the steal with Nick Green all the way in the ninth because of K-Rod's high leg kick. A-Rod said he didn't feel sick at all.