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Holy Hell

The Yankees are coming! The Yankees are coming! Paraphrasing what I heard on some ESPN broadcast, (or was it Fox), 'If Red Sox are our rivals, then the Angels are our nemesis.' I tend to agree with that assessment. The Orange County Anaheim Katella Road Angels of Los Angeles- well-not-Los-Angeles-proper-but-the-area-well-south of-Los-Angeles-people-that-consider-Los-Angeles if-they-know-nothing-about-Los-Angeles have been Yankee killers the last few years much to my (and their) chagrin.

The Yanks, suffered a bit of a letdown this week, but they also faced a team in the M's that was due to win as much as they were due to lose. I expect tough games. But The Bombers HAVE to win two of three. They can't let Boston back in one game at a time. Manny may be hobbling and Blister McGee got another blister last night, but they're still dangerous.

These tickets were soldout within three hours this spring and unless any of you Left Coasters have any leads, I'll enjoy the series from the comfort of my beernuts. It's a big series this weekend. I hope John's got the Crystal Ball mojo going. I'm growing my 'stache, soon it'll be to the point where folks will tell me "You've got some dirt on your lip".