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Yanks slap Seattle 9-2

Quick notes:

Wang was dominant tonight picking up his fifteenth win and if not for a bad call at first baseball--probably doesn't give up a run. His sinker/fastball had a lot of snap to it and danced around more than it has in a while. He went seven strong, giving up seven hits and only throwing ninety pitches while producing eleven ground ball outs.

"Rod" Cano basically ended the game with a bases loaded two run single in the first. It was nice to see Cano get a hit because he has struggled with the bases jacked so far in his career. He's still a little impatient at the plate in this situation, but will calm down with more experience. He's too good a hitter not to.

If Jeter had a half decent night at the plate-the Yanks would have scored many more runs than they did.

Dotel threw much harder tonight than he has shown so far mopping up the ninth inning. He hit 95 on the FOX gun and if he continues to develop for the Yanks, this bullpen will be very tough to beat. It's still a big if with Octavio.