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Yanks lose 6-5 on ninth inning dinger

Quick notes:

I'm about as tired as the Yanks, but when Jorge Posada grounded into the inning ending-bases loaded- double play in the top of the seventh, I had that sinking feeling. It wasn't surprising that the Yanks needed at least another run with an exhausted team that took a trip across the country. The 5-3 lead just didn't feel very safe.

Torre's decisions weren't the greatest either. I wondered why he pulled the rookie, Jeff Karstens in the sixth inning after he got in a jam with two outs and put two runners on after he did a fine job in his first game in the pros. He basically wasted Mike Meyers who was pulled after two pitches. In the post game show Jeff said he was disappointed that he didn't get the chance to finish the inning out.

Then Torre left Ron Villone in the game to pitch the ninth after he wasn't effective (he gave up the tying single to the lefty hitting Ibanez in the eighth) and Beltre hit a ball almost over his head for the game ending home run. I figured Farnsworth would have come on because Proctor probably needed another day. Villone does have a rubber arm, but...

Chalk this one up as a "mulligan" (Boston lost 4-3) and hope to take the next two before they head to Anaheim.
When is YES going to stop giving A-Rod the "defensive play of the game" on fairly routine plays?