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Silent, but deadly

O.K., not deadly, but a major pain in the ass. John Heyman of CNNSI explains that while A-Rod gets all the attention, Gary Sheffield is an actual problem.

Speaking of pains, there is Sheffield, who received not one scintilla of negative feedback for announcing last week that he was looking out for himself, as usual. "I have to worry about me," Sheffield said. "I'm not in a hurry [to get back]...

Sheffield talked about how anxious he was to grab a first baseman's mitt and help where he can. But as one clubhouse source observed, "He's like Tony Curtis -- a bad actor." Maybe so, but he's convinced more than a few.
I'm at a loss with Sheff. I love that he swings with every fiber of his being and is intimidating as hell at the box. The current make-up of this team is what wins championships, though. We have all the power and intimidation we need even with him on the DL. There is no reason to pick up Sheffield's option, except this:
Now Sheffield is telling people in the Yankees clubhouse that he'd love to play for the Red Sox or the Mets, two big-market teams who may have an interest.
The Mets I don't mind so much, but Sheff would seem like the type to join the Red Sox out of spite. Boston would take his contract on out of spite too. They don't need him, can't use him, but they'd do it anyway.