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Why a DH shouldn' t win the MVP

If you asked me before this series, I would have said that David Ortiz would be the MVP with Jeter second and Justin Morneau third. I know many Yankee fans feel Jeter should win because of everything else he brings to the team, but Ortiz has been amazing and he leads the league in HR's and RBI's. But, after watching all the post game shows from Boston and NY, I really have a better understanding of the everyday ballplayer argument.

Ortiz is an incredible hitter, Ruthian at times and his late inning heroics are now legendary, but many players on the Red Sox were dehydrated and cramping up all over the place during this grueling five game set. Francona said Loretta was getting treatment all Sunday night to be ready for Monday's game. You can be sure the Yankee players were just as tired. Manny leaves in the fourth because of cramps. Crisp bangs his hand in the outfield trying to snare Giambi's game winning blast. Melvin Mora leaves a game after stabbing a Posada liner last week at third. David Ortiz never has to face this situation. He sits on the bench and waits for his name to be called to mash the ball. He never has the sun beating down on his head all game in 100 degree weather. When does he have to make a diving play, lunge for a low throw, or go a long way to chase down a foul ball? He is spared the relentless beating everyday players take on the defensive end and that keeps him fresh. That gives him a tremendous advantage over the everyday ballplayers.

In the fifth game of this series, Damon, Giambi, Posada, and Jeter all rested (Derek DH'd) leaving Lidle with much less support than Wells had. Did Ortiz need a day off in this series to calm his nagging muscles? Did Ortiz need to spend extra time with the trainer because he banged his knee trying to rush in and and make a play on a bunt to first base? I'm not taking anything away from the importance Ortiz is to the Red Sox team and his overall prowess, but he has an unfair advantage that was clearly evident by the Boston Massacre II. I wonder if it will matter to any of the sports writers that vote?