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Yankees vs. Booooston: Game 122 Open Thread

Cory Lidle 9-9, 4.64 David Wells 2-2, 6.08

Starting Lineups

  • M. Cabrera, LF
  • D. Jeter, DH
  • B. Abreu, RF
  • A. Rodriguez, DH
  • R. Cano, 2B
  • C. Wilson, 1B
  • B. Williams, CF
  • S. Fasano, C
  • N. Green, SS
  • C. Crisp, CF
  • M. Loretta, 2B
  • D. Ortiz, DH
  • M. Ramirez, LF
  • E. Hinske, 1B
  • M. Lowell, 3B
  • W. Pena, RF
  • J. Lopez, C
  • A. Cora, SS
Looks like the Yanks are downshifting with this lineup. I'm not sure about Melky leading off since he's not as patient as the rest of the lineup. Damon, Giambi, and Posada make a formidable pinc-hitting corps though. One more win to drive that final nail in the heart of the Red Sox Nation.

[ED NOTE: Jaime R] THis has nothing to do with baseball, but in case you were wondering...Snakes on a Plane is brilliant Midnight Movie fun