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Yanks back in first place: Sheffield steps up

Bernie goes BOOM and the Yanks are back in first place after beating the Jays 5-1 last night, but this is a big story too. How many of us thought that Gary would be a problem down the stretch?

Injured right fielder Gary Sheffield embraced the arrival of Bobby Abreu both literally and figuratively, first with a welcoming hug for his replacement then by publicly backing the move and saying he'd DH, move to first base, or do anything he could to earn a ring wearing pinstripes.

"He said one thing: He wants to win a ring with NY on it. Whatever he needs to do, he'll do. He volunteered to play third base. He's volunteered to catch for me here; now [Don Mattingly] is going to work him out at first base," Joe Torre said of Sheffield, who is still just running and doing footwork drills, but can't hit or catch yet.

I remember when he was with the Dodgers and he was nothing but trouble in LA. How times have changed.