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Yanks smack the Red Sox again in 13-5 win

Quick Notes:

Randy Johnson pitched better than I thought he would today. Boston was hungry for a win after losing the double header, but Johnson hung tough and really only had one bad inning. Manny blasted a three run home run to give Boston the temporary lead in the fourth, at 4-3, but the Yanks quickly answered with two in the fifth and five in the sixth that put the game far out of reach.

By Johnson going seven, Villone, Meyers and Proctor got a much needed day off. Farnsworth is definitely unavailable for a couple of days.

Is Jaret Wright auditioning for the bullpen? lol It was his day to throw in the bullpen so Torre used him in the eighth and didn't allow a walk. That was a smart move on Joe's part for sure.

Damon had three more hits and Cano proved once again why he is a special talent. He drove in five runs and crushed a three run bomb to deep center in the top of the eight.

The Melky Man is playing a tremendous left field. He made a diving catch and then threw a strike to Posada in the bottom of the fifth that Posada should have fielded which would have nailed Cora.

There are two games left and the Yanks already did more than we could have hoped for. I'm sure all of us would have been fine with a 2-3 series after Monday's game. Tomorrow's ESPN game should be very interesting indeed.

Brian Bruney was optioned back to Columbus after throwing over 50 pitches yesterday. He impressed me by throwing at 97 mph and was unafraid to pitch in Fenway. Joe Torre saw a lot to like and said as much yesterday in the post game show. The good news is that Bruney is only 24 years old.

Sidney Ponson is gone!

Jeff Karstens and Aaron Guiel were recalled:

Jeff Karstens He started for Columbus on Tuesday, but was pulled from the game after just 12 pitches, as the Yankees wanted to hold him back in case they needed him to start Friday against the Red Sox.  Karstens was 6-0 with a 2.31 ERA in 11 starts this season for Double-A Trenton and is 5-5 with a 4.28 for Columbus.

"He's been doing real well; we were very close to bringing him to start last night," Torre said. "I just decided that I'd rather go with the experience rather than someone who had never been to Fenway. Gator likes him a lot, so we'll get a look at him."