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Was there a game today? I rolled out of bed, went to work, saw the open game thread this morning and just assumed, but the Yankees didn't show up to Yankee Stadium. Good thing, because they need all the help they can get against the Red Sox and a brutal pitcher eating loss would really be a disservice to them right now. . There are certain things I want to see over the next five days (besides the wins):

  • Someone, ANYONE, knocking Ortiz on his ass with some chin music.
  • A-Rod NOT losing it. He can be great or non-existent, but he can't be detrimental.
  • Yankee starters pitching 6 innings a start.
  • Making the other Red Sox besides Manny and Ortiz try and beat them.
  • Winning game one of the series.

Now, what time is that game against the Orioles today? We REALLY need to win that one.