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Yanks look bad in 12-2 loss

Quick Notes:

Jaret Wright pitched like he's capable of.

Villone was going to get hit eventually so he gets a pass. His arm is about to fall off, but the Yankees are lucky they have him.

The Yanks made Lopez look like Schilling today. Jeter is starting to slump badly. Let's hope he comes out of it against Boston.

Losing two out of three to Baltimore was pitiful. The Yanks lost the chance to go into Boston on a roll instead of reeling. It's going to be all about pitching and Boston's staff isn't lighting the world on fire either, but the Bombers lost a golden opportunity to put a little more distance between the two. Proctor, Farnswroth and Mariano are rested, but Boston gets the big break with a day off before this five game series. The Yanks can't afford to keep taking walks and then do nothing with them.

Dotel looks about the way I expected. He's not throwing as hard as he used to and is very rusty. I missed the Bromer kid. He struck out three I believe.

Did you see the look Jeter gave A-Rod after the pop-up fell?

Tomorrow the fun begins...