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Phillip Hughes update from AA: Bring him up?

Just a quick stat look at the man that Cashman will not trade:

8-3 record 2.50 era, 101 innings pitched with 30 walks and 121 strike outs while only giving up 69 hits.

The Yanks are thinking about bringing up Karstens to pitch against the Red Sox:

Jeff Karstens was removed from last night's Columbus (Triple-A) game after one inning and 12 pitches. Clippers manager Dave Miley offered a no comment when asked about the move, so Karstens, a 23-year-old right-hander who has made 14 starts (5-5), is an option.

Why not bring up Hughes for one start against Boston instead of a guy that has a 4.28 era in AAA? I know most teams like to coddle their top prospects and he's really young, but this is Boston. Unless Phillip has a fragile personality why not throw him out there? It would add that much more drama to the series and we certainly don't have much of a chance with Ponson pitching.