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The Yanks broke ground on their new Stadium today. It is being built by the same highly regarded company that built PNC Park and Camden Yards, two of the best stadiums in Baseball. I am not old enough to remember what Yankee stadium looked like before the remodel, but apparently many of the same features from before and after are being incorporated into the new stadium. I like what I see of the new designs and I'm hesitantly supportive.

Others, like NY Newsday's Wallace Matthews, are genuinely upset and I can understand why.

Do you like the idea of paying even more for your seat than the already league-high ticket prices at Yankee Stadium? Do you not mind the prospect of being shut out of a game because the new park will have between 5,000 and 7,000 fewer seats? Are you OK with the idea of cozying up on the couch in front of the TV set because that is now the only seat for a Yankees game you can afford? Have you grown accustomed to seeing one precious bit of New York history after another fall to the wrecker's ball?
High ticket prices have been a fact of life for Yankee fans for a long time. As well as the prospect of being shut out of a game. Although I do remember many a game where the left and right field upper decks had been closed off (this during the 80's and early 90's to be fair). As for history, much of it will be preserved in the new design. The overhang, the dimensions, monument park will all be there. What won't be there is the uncomfortable seating, parking nightmares (although having an FDNY father has its advantages), and occasionally terrible sightlines.

The one reservation I have is regarding the "mystique". Does it reside in the name? The layers? The pinstripes? Or the iron and concrete structure that hovers over the new home for the team that Ruth built?