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Yanks blow a close one open for a 7-2 win

Let's forget about Giambi thinking he's Reyes tonight or all the other chances we blew until Jeter blasted his two run shot. I felt this game might be one of those late inning, heart breaking losses--especially to the Angels. I think they have won six more games in Yankee stadium than we have since '98, if I'm not mistaken. They love to play in the Bronx.

Randy Johnson was really good and it seems now that after six innings he can unravel in a heartbeat, but if he keeps pitching like this (I'm not sold) the Yanks will be very happy.

A-Rod played a nice hot corner and drove in the go ahead run in the seventh when it mattered most. Maybe there is some truth to his injury revelations. I wish he had said something sooner if that's the case. I do like him batting fifth against right handers.

On the FOX Network, it showed Farnsworth hit 104mph. I've never seen that happen before. He was sharp and stuck mostly to the heater, but even his slider was 90 mph. We see the difference when he has the extra day off, but if the Yanks make the playoffs that could really hurt the team unless another pitcher steps up. Any guesses?

I'm getting so tired of the post game show falling all over A-Rod's numbers. We support him and root like hell he'll play his best, but saying he had one bad month is ridiculous.

I will never get my props for comparing Rod Carew to Robinson Cano the first game he played no matter how many times the YES Network does it. lol

Next up the Orioles and the Yanks need to kick them all over the stadium.