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Review the game

Talk about another bad loss. I had to work this morning so I was only catching bits and pieces of the game, but Wang was surprisingly terrible at home. It's games like these were the Yankee offense needs to pick him up. He didn't get much defensive support in the first inning when the Angels, as it turns out won the game with three early runs. Meanwhile, on the flip side Juan Rivera, makes the defensive play of the game in the third--spearing a  liner by Abreu that would have scored a run instead of ending the inning. The Yanks haven't been able lately to make that defensive play which squashes a rally when it counts.

Making a rookie pitcher like Weaver throw a million pitches and then do nothing when you have the chance isn't helping either.

On the upside, Villone was excellent again.

Here's the box score:Yanks lose 5-3

The Angels just seem to come alive in Yankee stadium.

Review the game as you see fit.