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Nice 5-2 Win-Quick notes

Jaret Wright did better today, but still walked four guys in five 1/3 innings. Torre had the hook ready for the sixth and--used it quick. Wright somehow finds a way to make it through with the lead most of his games--call me amazed. Torre says he is mentally tough and that's what gets him through, but watching him pitch is not fun. I tend to start fast forwarding my TIVO through batters when he pitches. It seems like he makes five innings last three hours. However, I salute the victory!

Cano is just incredible.

When Farnsworth throws strikes he is effective. Now that's a fairly dumb analysis. Something McCarver might say. It looks like he's a one inning pitcher now, but if he actually pitches a good one inning we'll be very, very happy. There seems to be a Chicago performance hovering over his head at any time.

How good would Damon be if he was healthy?