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Please Joe, you gotta do better

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OK, so Lidle didn't have good stuff tonight, but to pull him after he got out of the fourth with a big double play was a bad decision. At least give him a shot in the fifth. I did not see Ozzie abandon his starters after they threw terribly early in games. And when the guy he brings in is named Ponson, well you can understand my bewilderment. The score was only 3-1 at this point.

Now we come to the seventh. The Yanks have scored two to cut the lead to three with Fasano on second. Why isn't he taken out for a pinch runner? Then, why isn't Cano up pinch hitting to drive him in instead of bunting Green? This is probably our big shot. The Angels have a good bullpen. What happens? Green pops up the bunt and Fasano who is no Jeter on the base paths gets doubled off of second.

A-Rod is playing so bad at third that he can't even knock a ball down. After you watch Crede for a series, you really understand how poorly he has played third. And last year he was exceptional. Offensively A-Rod was good tonight.

This game could have turned in the sixth. With Damon and Jeter on, Figgins made a sensational stab in center (does he ever make a bad play against the Yanks?) to steal a single and an rbi from A-Rod. Giambi then rapped into an inning ending double play. If Giambi was batting .265, he'd probably have ten more rbi's. He's been great, but his all or nothing approach is surprising to me. He should hit at least .280. Am I wrong on this one?

A note about K-Rod from LAA. Don't the Yanks know that his out pitch is the slider and not the fastball by now? How many times were they looking for a fastball with two strikes and struck out? Three out of five batters, which included one walk and a pop out. Jeter should have tried for a walk by the way when he ended the game on a pop up.

Box score Yanks lose 7-4