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A-Rod's Nightmare

A Hall of Famer can't play any worse than that. A-Rod, who seemed to come out of his funk lately threw an easy double play ball into right field in the second--which lead to four runs and then when he had the chance to make amends, he goes back into his shell and leaves a hundred and twenty guys on base last night.

Mussina definitely was pissed off after his error which seemed to make him lose focus the rest of the inning. He rebounded finally to pitch pretty good until the seventh, but the damage was done. Home plate umpire Bill Miller, was as bad as it gets for both sides last night and again I think Mike lost his cool and allowed the weakest of the weak Brian Anderson, to double off him after Miller blew the third strike call. It led to the deciding run in the game.

If A-Rod came through with an inane fly ball sacrifice one time last night, the Yanks would have at least gone into the ninth inning tied. The boo birds will be out in force and believe me he deserves them this time.

Update [2006-8-11 19:27:4 by Jamato]: commenter Lou Reed gives me a reminder. I really hope A-Rod isn't booed at the stadium tonight. The Yanks need him badly. I wonder if he continues to struggle if Joe would move him down to the number five spot for a few games. I, for one would love for him to break out against the Angels.