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Yanks vs. White Sox: Game 111 - Open Thread

Mike Mussina 13-4, 3.46 ERA vs Javier Vasquez 10-6, 5.18 ERA

  • J. Damon CF
  • D. Jeter SS
  • B. Abreu RF
  • A. Rodriguez 3B
  • J. Giambi DH
  • J. Posada C
  • R. Cano 2B
  • C. Wilson 1B
  • M. Cabrera LF
  • S. Podsednik LF
  • T. Iguchi 2B
  • J. Thome DH
  • P. Konerko 1B
  • J. Dye RF
  • A. Pierzynski C
  • J. Crede 3B
  • A. Cintron SS
  • B. Anderson CF

All hail the crystal ball. The Yanks just squeaked by last night. No lead is too safe against the White Sox who are bound to, uh...rebound...after their miserable last couple of weeks. We need Moose to pitch deep into the game to give our overused bullpen a rest.