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Yanks Mid Season Report Card Part I

A) Derek Jeter

He's been the overall MVP of this team. Batting over 350. with runners in scoring position and he has I think the best shot to win the batting title this year. With 9 players missing an incredible number of games for the Yanks, himself included, Jeter will be in the top five in the overall MVP voting.

A) Mike Mussina

Before the season started I thought Mike would be a .500 pitcher at best, occasionally tossing a great game, but pretty erratic. He's been the Yanks best starter the first half and a possible All Star going 10-4 with a 3.24 era. He's had quality starts in all his games. The Yanks will need him to replicate his first half if the Yanks will have any chance to make the playoffs.

A) Mariano Rivera

Mo is still "The Great One." His record is 4-4 with 19 saves and a 1.76 era, but he's still the guy any team would have on the mound when it counts-hands down.

A) Robinson Cano

Who says the Yanks have no farm system? He's picked up from last year and is using left field much more so far which has diminished his power numbers, (4 hr's) but the Yanks don't need that from him. At .325, he will only become a better all around player. His range is limited at second base, but he turns the double play exceptionally well, catches the high towering pops with ease and has a great throwing arm. He's an All Star and deservedly so. I believe I was the first one to sacrilegiously compare him to Rod Carew after the first game I saw him play.

More on the way...