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Yanks vs D-Rays: Game 86-Open Thread

K. Wilson vs C. Fossum

Starting Lineups

  • M. Cabrera lf
  • D. Jeter ss
  • J. Giambi dh
  • A. Rodriguez 3b
  • B. Williams cf
  • A. Phillips 1b
  • M. Cairo 2b
  • K. Thompson rf
  • K. Stinnett c
  • J. Lugo ss
  • C. Crawford lf
  • R. Baldelli cf
  • A. Huff 3b
  • J. Cantu 2b
  • J. Gomes dh
  • G. Norton rf
  • T. Lee 1b
  • D. Navarro c

WIlson gets a chance to prove himself. I look for the White Sox to win today, so it would be a good idea if the bats get going early to give Wilson a chance to relax.