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Wang and Damon save the game

Wang proved once again why the heavy sinker that travels 92-95 mph is keeping this team alive. He couldn't nail down a complete game shutout, but he was brilliant enough to lock down Tampa's pretty powerful lineup. I thought he would win 15 games this year, I'll be disappointed if he doesn't hit the seventeen mark. It stands at 9-4.

Damon comes off the bench (in a great move by Torre) and takes Giambi's spot on second base in the sixth inning. He raced around and scored the coveted first run of the game on Posada'a single (another great game for him) and then later stroked a two run triple to seal the win.

Joe Torre tied Casey Stengel for 10th place on the all-time win list with 1,926 of them. The Hall of Fame is around the corner, but I'd like to see another championship before he goes....especially for Rivera.