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Thompson recalled: Trade winds in Pittsburg?

George King:

In a move that will protect the Yankees from not having Johnny Damon for the next two games and will give them more balance at the plate, outfielder Kevin Thompson will be promoted today and reliever T.J. Beam will be optioned to Triple-A Columbus.

I like Thompson and hope they find room for him along the line.

With a Yankees scout in Philadelphia to watch the Phillies play the Pirates and a Pittsburgh scout having viewed the Bombers on Thursday in Cleveland and last night at Tropicana Field, speculation that the Yankees and Pirates have a deal working was in the air last night.

Gordon Blakeley was in Philly and Jack Moore represented the Pirates at Tropicana Field. The Pirates are shopping outfielder Jeromy Burnitz and utility man Craig Wilson. Because the Phillies are dangling outfielders Bobby Abreu and Pat Burrell, Blakely also was eyeing them, although the Yankees haven't shown interest in Burrell.