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The Mussina & Melky Show

Mike fought off his groin pull to pitch six very effective innings and Melky Cabrera had a career day by going 3-4 with a grand slam and five rbi's to lead the Yanks to an 11-3 victory. It was a critical win since the Yanks had lost the last three out of four games and looked more like the Royals thean the Bombers. I have to admit that after the Yanks lost the first two games in Cleveland, I've been really worried about our chances of making the playoffs. The Yanks had no better pitcher to pick them up than Mussina to get the ship back on track. He set an American League record by winning at least ten games in fifteen consecutive seasons and a loss tonight would have been devastating.

Melky keeps improving, although the YES Network promoting his great catch against Boston a few weeks ago is a little over the top. The kid has shown incredible guts and as he fills out will be able to really drive the ball in the gaps. His defense already has improved enough at this point that he's become a real asset in the field. Dare I bring up last year in Fenway?

Tampa smacked the Red Sox again and let the Yankees creep up another game to remarkably keep them in the pennant race. They still have mucho problemas, but the Red Sox might rue the day that they didn't already put away this badly broken team. I was going to post the Crystal Ball predicting a win, but I had to run to put on the game and forgot.