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Shut Up, Celizic

The usually daffy Celizic goes off the deep end yet again. It is his contention that the Bobby Abreu trade is not enough to push the Yanks over the top in the playoff hunt. What they really need to do is trade Robinson Cano.

The Yankees, it is assumed, would have to part with Robinson Cano, their second-year second baseman and a great young hitter, to get Zito. It would be worth it. Cano has been injured and Miguel Cairo has filled in admirably in his stead. Cairo doesn't hit like Cano, but he is a better fielder and has a knack for getting the job done.

With 3 hours to go before the trade deadline passes, I thank my lucky stars that the people in charge of the Yankees are not nearly as stupid as Mikey "The Hat" Celizic.