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Corey Lidle

The key to Lidle is that he won't be knocked out of a game after two innings every start. I know it's the National league, but in his last four starts his inning count is:
Jul. 1   6.0
Jul. 8   6.0
Jul. 15  5.2
Jul. 21  8.0   
Jul. 27  8.0   

Why has Proctor and Farnsworth been so good of late? They got to rest during the All Star break. Our number 4 and 5 starters are getting pummeled so bad that Torre has to empty the pen and that's killed their effectiveness. If Corey can go six innings every time, look for the Yankee bullpen to be very strong down the stretch. I'm sure Cashman will still try to bring one more arm in.

This trade has put enormous pressure on the Red Sox to do something. With Nixon getting hurt last night, I'm not sure if they can move any of ther outfielders now depending how badly he was hurt. Monday should be pretty interesting.