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Baseball Tonight:: Where's Kruk?

BT has been very weird since Harold got fired. Where's the Kruk man? For the last month it's been Phillips, Kruk and Harold holding down the fort most nights. Lately, Steve is just calling in and Tino has replaced Reynolds. I love Tino, but he's been pretty bad as he gets used to being in front of a camera instead of a pitcher. The trade deadline is probably one of the hottest times of the year for BT and I'd expect Olney and Kurkjian in with Gammons still ill, but no Kruk? Whether you like him or not, he's still one of those wacky characters that you get used to seeing.
It's just an observation, but I guess we'll see at 4 PST if he's back since it's a trade deadline show.

Kruk and Phillips are back on tonight. John thinks Sheffield should play first base. Gary is an interesting case because he's always been outspoken about himself. If anyone can manage the situation it's Torre.