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Sorry, I had to say it.

Wang was outstanding once again only giving up two hits and two walks while getting eighteen ground ball outs. I repeat, eighteen ground ball outs. The spirit of Mel Stottlemyre appears in this kid. El Senor sinker. He is a work horse for the Yanks and gives the bullpen another day off. How long has it been since anyone has used the phrase "work horse" for a Yankee starting pitcher?

Outside of making good hitters beat the ball into the ground at a phenomenal clip, he has the ability to give the guys in the bullpen the extra rest they crave that will get them through the dog days of summer. With Wright and whoever else gets thrown out there as the fifth starter, Torre knows he'll be forced to empty the pen. Proctor's arm almost fell off before the All Star break because of it. Now, when Wang pitches, Torre can just about tell the guys to play XBox except Mo.

It was cool to see the Yankee fans at the stadium give A-Rod a nice reception when he came to the plate for a change. He delivered by singling in the first run of a 6-0 rout. That could change fast, but I think he's "turned the wheel" as Mike Francesca said today on WFAN. We'll see.

Jonathan Weiler  has a long piece on A-Rod that is worth a read.