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Yanks beat the Rangers 8-7

The Giambino, bad left knee and all finally helps the Yanks with the game winning 2 run blast after going hit-less the entire Texas series in the top of the ninth. On the post game he said he's banged up and needs the day off.

A-Rod hits a big bomb to lead off the 8th and start a four run rally.

The Melky way had his nose in it again. He has no idea what signs Bowa is flashing at third base. With two on and no outs, Bowa flashed the bunt sign once. Melky tries to bunt three times until he drove the ball into the gap in left center that drove in the temporary go ahead run. That was one of the weirdest plays I've seen.

Farnsworth's back stiffened up which put the bullpen under a lot of pressure. We know "Five inning Jaret" was going to need help. Enter TJ Beam who I like a lot, but not in this situation. He quickly put two base runners on which forced Joe to use Proctor again. He was quickly bashed for four straight hits.

I thought Mariano would have had a tougher time since he's pitched in the last four out of five games, but made quick work of Texas.

This team is amazingly resilient and as of this moment is in the lead for the wild card spot. We need Cashman to pull something off by the trade deadline.
[editor's note, by Jamato] I forgot to talk about Chacon last night. I was so mad at the point that he came into the game that I almost shut the TV off. You figure he gives up at least two runs and the game is lost. What does he do? Get a strike out and then a bizarre double play. He was so stunned by catching the line drive that he was dancing around trying to figure where to throw the ball. Lucky for him that he got it over to first base in time to complete the double play. After that bit of weirdness and Jeter leading off, I thought the Yanks had a shot-a very-iffy-shot.