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That's how I feel the trade deadline will end for the Yanks. After seeing this team scratch and claw with every fiber of their being to stay competetive I truly believe very little is needed from the outside to bolster this club. I think the Bombers would be stronger by making no moves than by making the wrong one.

Brian Cashman, as I had noted earlier in the year, has been more in control of the day to day personnel. Probably more so than he'd ever been. With the exception of a couple of relievers and Johnny Damon, this past offseason has been relatively quiet and I don't think this deadline time will be any different.

With the prospects of the return of Hideki Matsui and hopefully Gary Sheffield, and the gritty combo of youngsters like Melky Cabrera and role-playing journeymen like Miguel Cairo, I see no reason to move anyone. This team reminds me of the ones from the nineties, who'll tussle with the best of 'em and could never be considered out of a game.

The big names on the market want way too much, with teams tossing around the phrase, "Herschel Walker deal", where the Minnesota Vikings mortgaged their entire near future to acquire Walker from the Cowboys. The young players and draft picks Dallas picked up in exchange became part of the Cowboy 'dynasty' of the early nineties. To heck with Abreu, or Hunter, or Lee, or Soriano. We've got all we need on our roster (including the DL) to win a championship THIS year AND re-grow the nucleus of the team.