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The Bullpen

Huge win tonight coming off the drubbing at the hands of the Blue Jays, but that's what's been impressive about the Yanks. They keep hanging around. Even the Texas announcers were surprised the Yanks were as close as they are.

Where would the Bombers be without the Melky Man?

Proctor and Farnsworth have been great since the All-Star break. Have they turned the corner? Possibly, but I trust Proctor more than Kyle. If the Yanks could add one more good right handed arm (I'm dreaming of course), I think the pen would really gel. The left side is solid with Meyers and Villone and I did like the look of Matt Smith when he was up for a while. Dotel is way too iffy to consider at this point so this has to be Cashman's priority. TJ Beam was just recalled and he does hit 96 on the gun, yet somehow I doubt he's...the answer. How could I forget a starting pitcher. Silly me. Yea, I know-everybody is in the hunt. It should be an interesting week. A bat would be nice and will be easier for Brian to acquire, but he's got to be looking for arms.

I'm surprised that the White Sox would give up on a good arm (McCarthy) to get Soriano if the rumors are correct. The trade they made with the Royals seems to bear out that the talks are on the mark. Yet, I just heard that the White Sox GM will not include McCarthy in any deal, so who's making what up? Ahhh, the mystery of it all. We'll see who will win the sweepstakes for Alfonso, but hitting isn't their problem. Garcia, Buehrle and Vazquez are.