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Mike Celizic is Effing Nuts

My Biggest Pet Peeve...writing a blog post and losing ALL of it then having to re-write my rant. My other Pet Peeve, the ridiculous bloodletting of A-Rod this season. This one comes from MSNBC "contributor" Mike Celizic who eviscerated Rodriguez in his latest screed:

He's shot. Toast. Finished as a Yankee, and there's no sense pretending he can come back and be the man he was advertised to be. He could be that somewhere else, but not in Yankee Stadium, not half a base path across the infield from Derek Jeter, who reminds A-Rod every day simply by taking in oxygen everything he is not, not two bags away from Jason Giambi, who staggered, stumbled, fell, but never stopped being loved because he never lost the knack for getting big hits.
Just a day from getting two hits and driving in a run (and making no errors) several months removed from winning the 2005 MVP, and hitting just as well as the much praised David Wright, Mikey boy goes so far as to compare A-Rod to Ed Whitson:
For those of you too young to remember the Bronx Zoo years of the 1980s, Ed Whitson was a highly touted pitcher signed to a big free-agent contract by the Yankees. A country boy, Whitson couldn't deal with the pressure and the crowds of New York. A great talent when he came in, he was little more than a human batting tee by the time he left, a failure in pinstripes who the fans chose to blame for every Yankee failure.
For those "commentators" to old to remember, Ed Whitson NEVER produced. He never pitched more than 200 innings or won more than 14 games before coming to New York and never had anything remotely like a dominant season before, during, or after his stint in Pinstripes. Mr. Certifiable goes so far as proposing dumping A-Rod to Chicago for Aramis Ramirez and Greg Maddux. The 2006 season has seen a resurgence in A-Rod's #3 hitter Jason Giambi who clears the bases before he can get into the batter's box.

It's also a season where Rodriguez's protection is Jorge Posada and Andy Phillips instead of Gary Sheffield and Hideki Matsui. 2006 is a season where national news is not wearing a shirt in 95 degree heat and having to sit through absurd criticism by putzes like Mike Celizic. Rodriguez will do fine. More than fine. Did you know that in 1925, Babe Ruth hit only .290 with 25 Home Runs and 66 RBI? 2 seasons later he hit 60 Homers. I wonder what Mikey-boy's criticism of The Babe would've been back then?