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Happy 450 A-Rod

Yes, another error, but he showed the A-Rod the Yanks need by hitting a three run jack that brought the Yankees back into contension when they were put in a deep four run hole by Wright in the first. AJ handled them from there, but his error will be highlighted just as much as A-Rod being the youngest player to reach 450 hr's. Oh, and he got his 2000th hit.

Jeter responds:

- Derek Jeter sighed when the question was posed to him yesterday. He first heard it a few weeks ago, but for the second time this season there was a buzz among talk radio and other Yankees observers as to why the captain hasn't "spoken out" in defense of his struggling teammate Alex Rodriguez.

"My job is to support him, to offer any support I can and that's what I do - with all of my teammates," Jeter said. "That's my job. My job isn't to tell fans what to do. What power do I have to do that?"

A-Rod needs to have one of those 15-30 hot streaks one way or the other or the Yanks chances are nil