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Bad Loss

After Posada catches Catalanotto stealing, I'm thinking that was one of the worst decisions I've seen since the heart of the order is coming up and then Wells hits it out. It was surreal watching Mariano give up a home run. I really didn't think he hit it out at first, but Mo caught too much of the plate with his 95 mph cutter. He's not a robot. Now the problem is will he be burnt for tomorrow because you know he wants back out on the field fast.

What's really interesting is where was Farnsworth? Proctor was fantastic and seems to have found himself again, but usually Kyle would have come in in the eighth. If he does his job then it changes the whole rotation at that point maybe Rivera doesn't have to go two innings. Farnsworth is helping the Yanks lose games he doesn't even pitch in.

A-Rod should have went for the sure out in the sixth even though he had the runner dead to rights. One run would have come in and nobody on. Instead, he makes a horrific throw and Mussina melts down. I can't get on Mike too much because he was outstanding up until that point.

As bad as A-Rod has been in the clutch, you can see how teams still pitch around him. He got a big walk which led the Yanks to get the tying run off of BJ in the eighth inning.

Another nightmare for A-Rod. You know I'm rooting so much harder for him now because of all the problems. Yea, I know it's hard to do, but the Yanks need him to play well or we get what we got tonight.