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Randy's excellent job is wasted

Randy Johnson throws 129 pitches, strikes out a season high 11 and loses because Stinnett throws the ball into center field trying to nab Ichiro stealing in the top of the eighth that set up the winning run in a 3-2 loss.

Stinnett had already thrown out two base stealers today and since he swings the bat like a pitcher that is the one attribute he brings to the table. Just let Ichiro have the base. He had no chance and Johnson only made a couple of bad pitches all game.

Major props to Johnson for pitching as well as he did in the sweltering heat. Meche was unhittable for five innings and then started to wilt Gil is a very good pitcher who has beaten the Yanks before. Since rumors are floating that Seattle is looking at Soriano, I doubt they'll be interested in trading any of the pitching talent they possess.

How good would the Yanks be if they had the Mariners bullpen?

No clutch hitting either as Bernie and Giambi get the horns today.

Here's the Boxscore