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Leave A-Rod alone already

A-Rod saves the game in my mind with a great defensive play in the first inning, turning an around the horn double play to leave Chicago shaking their heads. He then hits the game winning two run home run in the bottom of the first. What does this writer say:

The ultra-sensitive Alex Rodriguez darted out of Yankee Stadium yesterday without speaking to the media. Had he stuck around, he would have answered all sorts of hard questions about things like his dramatic game-breaking home run in the first inning, or the double play he helped to turn to get the Yankees out of a jam in the top of that frame..

A-Rod is just getting it going and the Yanks need every bit of it if they're going to the play-offs and this ass has to attack him. So he didn't talk to the press. Just leave the guy alone already-for at least for one day.