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Mo, Signed, Sealed, and Delivered.

What a weekend. And not just for the drubbing we gave to the White Sox, the closing of the gap with Boston, or the great start of the second half, but also because of what I consider the milestone that annoints Mariano Rivera as the greatest closer of all time. Never has a closing pitcher been so dominant in so many big games as The Sandman. With his his save on Sunday he becomes only the fourth pitcher to reach the 400 save milestone. Rivera has intimidated batters for the last 10 years and earned the respect of friend and foe alike.

"On the field and off the field, Hall of Fame," Chicago manager Ozzie Guillen said. "Young people should look up to him. He's the perfect player."
With every blown save or run allowed, all the critics pipe up to ask "Has Mariano Lost it?" Yet I, like Joe Torre, his Yankee teammates, and probably every other player in baseball would not want any other pitcher on the hill when the game is on the line than Mo Rivera.