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A couple of dunkers put Mo in trouble, but Crosby made a nice catch in right and Rivera broke enough of AJ's bats to finally wear him down to get a fly out and seal the Yankee 6-5 win.

What a huge victory for this battered team with Boston losing 7-2 going into the 8th inning at Fenway. The Yanks could be 1 1/2 out if it holds up.

Johnson made one bad pitch all night and pitched seven strong. This is the Johnson the Yanks will need if they'll have any chance at making the playoffs.

Gueil's blast which put the Yanks up 3-2 has already paid for his signing. Tony Pena said he had some pop and wasn't afraid to play here.

A-Rod got a big hit opening up the 8th to start the 3 run rally.

The Melkly way keeps coming through. He did a bad job setting himself with his throw in the seventh that allowed the tying run, but made up for it with a big bases loaded single that broke a 3-3 tie. This kid has tremendous upside. I hope he doesn't go in a trade.

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