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Yanks vs White Sox Game-87: Open Thread

Randy Johnson 10-7, 5.13 vs Jose Contreras 9-0, 3.38

Starting Lineups

  • P. Osuna lf
  • T. Iguchi 2b
  • J. Thome dh
  • P. Konerko 1b
  • J. Dye rf
  • J. Crede 3b
  • J. Uribe ss
  • C. Widger c
  • B. Anderson cf
  • J. Damon cf
  • D. Jeter ss
  • J. Giambi 1b
  • A. Rodriguez 3b
  • J. Posada c
  • B. Williams dh
  • A. Guiel rf
  • M. Cabrera lf
  • M. Cairo 2b

Contreras never would have had the success in NY like he does in Chicago. Jose did pitch one game when he was with the Yanks against Ozzie and he dominated them so it wasn't a surprise that they traded for him.